Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Countdown to 2018: Best Breakfasts of 2017

Continuing in the "Countdown to 2018" Series, today we look at the best breakfast foods of 2017.

Triple Chocolate Donuts

I made these donuts for our New Year's Day breakfast almost a year ago now, and they will make a repeat appearance this year, by request of several kids and adults alike. I love starting new traditions, and it looks like homemade chocolate donuts will be our New Year's Day tradition!

Swedish Pancakes {with Blackberry Sauce}

Swedish Pancakes are one of my favorite things, and I can't believe it took me nearly 10 years to post the recipe! I dressed these up a bit with a lovely black berry sauce, but these are delightful even without the fruit sauce.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

We make a lot of muffins at our house, so a recipe has to be REALLY good to make it to this "best of" list! The cream cheese in these muffins is mixed in the batter so there won't be any cream cheese "pockets" per se, but the cream cheese helps keep the muffins tender and moist. They are a great addition to any breakfast, and are equally delicious if eaten in the car on the way to work (ahem).

Thanks to Sarah at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes for hosting the Countdown!


  1. All three look so delicious! I love blackberries, so I definitely have to try the pancakes and muffins soon :)

  2. Donuts with sprinkles are a guilty pleasure for me...especially ones that are triple chocolate!!! Yum!!!


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