Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fiesta Scramble

I came up with this breakfast creation this past weekend as a result of 1) inspiration having been recently served scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese and loving it and 2) wanting to use up some veggies.

Many of you probably do stuff like this (creative cooking) all the time, but I was so pleased with the result that I thought I would post it. The combination of flavors was really tasty, and it would be easy to substitute whatever you have on hand. Just keep in the pepper jack cheese!

Determine the amount of ingredients you need in order to suit the size of your family. I won't post specific measurements here, just the ingredients I used.

Start by chopping your vegetables: I used onion, red pepper and mushrooms. I also used keilbasa which I diced.

Saute the vegetables over medium high heat for 3-4 minutes until tender.

While they are cooking, lightly beat the eggs in a small bowl, then add the eggs to the vegetables.

Reduce the heat to medium low and stir frequently to scramble. When the eggs are almost set, add the cheese and stir to incorporate.

This would make a great light supper and could easily be adapted to vegetarian by adding more vegetables and leaving out the meat. If you don't have keilbasa, you could use ham, bacon or even whatever you have leftover. Using up leftovers and making something delicious, that works for me!

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Fiesta Scramble

Onion and red pepper, finely chopped
Mushrooms, chopped
Polska kielbasa, diced
Pepper Jack Cheese

Saute the vegetables and sausage over medium high heat until tender, about 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile, lightly beat the eggs. Add the vegetables and reduce heat to medium low. Stir frequently to scramble the eggs. When eggs are nearly set, add the pepper jack cheese and stir to incorporate.


  1. That's a great idea - omelet fiesta here we come! It would work especially well with all the garden veggies now.

  2. Mmmm this is one of our favourite dinners.

  3. Hi Sara!!I like a lot your blog.Simple and nice recipies.Good!!You are invited to visit mine if you want.

  4. Isn't it wonderful how you can make such great dishes just by using what you have on hand? Some of my best recipes have come about this way. Thanks for sharing with us today! :)

  5. This sounds absolutely delicious!! I love trying new things in my scramblers...and I can almost taste this :D Thanks for bringing it to Simple Saturday!


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