Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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How to Cut a Pineapple

I love fresh pineapple. However, until recently, I avoided buying it very often because I couldn't find an easy way to cut it without destroying a lot of the fruit. Then I experimented and came up with this way, and now we enjoy it whenever it goes on sale!

First, cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple.

Stand it straight up on your cutting board.

Next, cut it in half, right down the middle.

Then, cut each half in half, right down the middle of the core. Now you'll have four pieces.

Now, cutting from top to bottom, cut out the core from each piece. You can tell where the core ends and the fruit begins because of a slight color and texture change.

Now, slice the piece crossways.

Take each piece, and cut off the rind, preserving as much of the fruit as you can.

You may now have to "trim" a little bit to get off those prickly parts.

Finally, cut each piece in chunks as you desire.

I think it maybe took me five minutes max to cut up this large pineapple. And then I enjoyed it with breakfast! If you try this method, let me know how it goes for you!

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  1. Very similar to how I cut a pineapple, but did you know you can just twist off the top? I was quite excited when I discovered that!! ;o)

  2. yummy!! fresh pineapple! Makes me want to go to the store and buy one! however, I am not sure how to pick one out or what is a good price for one. :( The last couple of week's they have been on sale for $3 for a whole one. Good deal??!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sonshine, $3 for a large pineapple is pretty good. I've been really lucky lately and have found them for $2, but I would say $3 is a very good price. Try to buy the biggest one you can!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you! Our farmers market at the bottom of the hill has whole pineapples for $1 right now!!!!!!! This is a much better way than I was doing it. ;-)

  5. Now I will have to get a fresh pinapple tomorrow, looks so good. Thanks for the tips on cutting !

  6. I bought a pineapple yesterday and the lady told me that if the center leaves come out easy then it is ready to eat.

  7. I do the same thing, Sara. Only, when I get it into four parts, I use my filet knife to remove the skin. Then I just slice it up. Very fast... and since I never filet fish, I finally have a purpose for my filet knife.

  8. Just paid 98c for a pineapple in Chicago. The price made me do it. I have never purchased pineapple before because I didn't know how to cut it.

  9. In this method, you don't worry about whether the pineapple is green or not: just choose the biggest ones and also avoid the ones with tiny, almost stunted green tops.

    When you get them home (may as well get 2 while you're at it), TWIST the tops off, don't cut them off. (You may need to use gloves.) They should come off with a tiny cone of pineapple meat still attached to the tops which you throw away. Then, rinse off and pat dry the main part and turn upside-down on a small plate. Let sit at room temperature for 3 to 4 days, before you cut them up, depending on how green they are.
    I have taken totally green pineapples and they have become great tasting.


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